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Your on-farm robot for weeding and crop intelligence

Remote-control, GPS guidance and autonomous row following all inclusive
Solar electric - up to 15 hours of continuous operation
Multi-level safety systems on-board
On-board sensing provides real-time assessment of each individual plant
Agerris intelligent tools for precision weeding or add your own
Interchangeable farm tyres as well as track options available

The Digital Farmhand Platform

The Digital Farmhand is the new intelligent robot being used by commercial vegetable growers to produce fresh food in a sustainable way. It’s a solar-electric autonomous robotic platform with on-board intelligent sensors and implements. It will inform your decisions, manage your weeds, spot spray your crops and cultivate as needed.

Crop Intelligence

Your Digital Farmhand delivers real time reporting as it moves around your farm. Gain insight into the performance of a single plant or the whole crop as data is captured and fed directly into your own system, or presented on a dashboard. The Crop Intelligence system can be added to your Digital Farmhand platform, or attached to existing farming equipment.

Easy To Use

Set up your work schedule for the day and send your Digital Farmhand into the field. With our user-friendly controls, select the area of your farm that needs attention and assign tasks to the Digital Farmhand. Whether it be removing weeds or collecting data, the Digital Farmhand will report back to you at the end of the day on the health and progress of your crops.

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Digital Farmhand Specifications
Plant & Weed Green-on-green weed detection from the two-leaf stage (2mm radius). From seedling to crop harvest, with >99% detection accuracy of individual crops.
Crop Stages Detections and weeding suitable at seedling, established, and mid growth stages (dependent on crop).
Row Crops Operates on row crops with an established crop model. Includes lettuce, brassicas, celery, corn, beans, carrots, and more.
Weeding Mechanical chipper strikes weeds within 2cm of crop, or weeds that are outside the crop safety zone set by the user. Implements can also be attached to the intelligent actuated hitch to control weeds.
Coverage Covers 3-5 hectares a day for crop intelligence and weeding, depending on soil conditions.
Navigation Fully autonomous or remote-control navigation options with dual frequency RTK GPS, IMU and stereo vision cameras.
Drive & Terrain Suitable for horticulture crops; 2KW max drive power; inclines up to 15 degrees depending on load.
Speed Up to 10km/hr (6.2 mph).
Weight Approximately 400 kg (depending on tools).
Wheel Spacing Adjustable from 1.2m (4ft) to 3m (~10ft), or multi-span for wider options.
Transport Can fit into a ute/trailer to be transported between different locations.

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