The Digital Farmhand

The Digital Farmhand

The Digital Farmhand is our most versatile robot that can be used in a wide range of applications in agriculture. It is mobile, solar-electric, simple to use and can be remotely controlled or run in autonomous mode. It has a battery life of 7-10 hours (up to 15 hours with solar panels), is easily rechargeable, has the power to carry / tow up to 200kg, and a speed of 6km/h.

The powerful onboard AI provides customised environmental intelligence providing up-to-date information about its operational area. This means by adding the right tools, the AI system can become your digital chippy, your digital plant adviser, your digital sprayer, your digital mapper, your digital yield estimator, and one day, your digital harvester.

multi-functional - add your own tools

long endurance, electric and rechargeable

remote or autonomous operation

crop intelligence - get to know each plant

automated non-chemical weeding